Established in 1999, Site Promotions is at the forefront of Internet marketing. We prefer to keep everything small and personalized. This is how we deliver better results for advertisers, and higher revenue for publishers. Our scope of business is primarily:


Advertising Sales & Representation

Advertising representationWe sell your website advertising at the highest rate possible. We do this by finding the advertisers who are likely to profit the most, and therefore bid the highest for advertising. We work closely with advertisers to optimize their sales material. This means they profit more, and can afford to pay higher advertising rates. We do not operate in high volumes like Google because true optimization cannot be done with algorithms alone.




Result-Based Marketing

Result-based marketingOften we promote products as an affiliate and buy 100% of advertising on suitable websites. We are paid only for actual sales we refer. The merchant profits without needing to think about advertising and conversion rates. And webmasters benefit because we pay them more than Google Adsense or similar networks. So the publisher earns a guaranteed higher rate, and the advertiser is guaranteed to profit.


Why We’re Better Than Google

For Publishers

  • Google’s Adsense takes 32% commission on advertising sales. We take 20%.
  • The top bid for your advertising doesn’t depend on the amount of bidders. It depends on what the top bidder can afford, and still profit. The same companies can advertise through us or Google – remember that Google is just a “middleman” too. But with our lower commissions, letting us represent you means advertisers can bid higher, and you are paid more.
  • We carefully match advertisers to your site and optimize their sales material. We make sure they profit. And it means they can afford to pay you more.
  • Suitable merchants profit from advertising you sell them, otherwise they wouldn’t advertise. So a carefully selected merchant paying you a commission on sales is more profitable than selling advertising. We match merchants to your site and you are paid commissions on sales. This often generates 50% or more profit than selling advertising.

For Advertisers

  • Pay only for results. This usually means you pay us a commission on sales. We buy the advertising and if campaigns are not profitable, we bare the loss.
  • If you prefer standard advertising, we’ll run your ads on the right sites.



The Truth About Internet Marketing


For Advertisers: Let’s be honest. Most ad networks don’t care if advertisers don’t profit. They just serve ads to the highest bidder and take unreasonable commissions on advertising sales. If you’ve tried especially the larger ad networks, you probably didn’t profit. It’s because most networks are full of fraudulent publishers using bots to click ads. Ad networks know about the problem, but deal with it poorly because it’s not them losing money.

Never believe an ad network that tells you they eliminate 100% of click fraud. Most networks have at least 50% bot traffic, and cheating publishers are getting smarter. The only way large ad networks can exist this way is to constantly bring in new advertisers, who mostly don’t profit. Profiting advertisers still pay for poor quality advertising. 


For Publishers: In our experience, every publisher network has a lot more cheating publishers than they admit. It severely reduces the network’s overall quality of advertising, and inevitably the bids from advertisers, and your revenue. Basically cheating publishers and poorly managed networks are costing you money. The problem is now so big that it makes building a popular website almost not worth the time. One solution is to sell your own advertising, but it takes a lot of time and effort to sell all available advertising. Using an ad network is an easier option, but the wrong network can severely limit your revenue.

In any case, usually when a company gets too big, it’s at the expense of attention and quality. The larger companies try to approach problems with computer algorithms, but they are no substitute for attention from a real person.



How We Get Better Results For Publishers, & Higher Revenue For Publishers

We focus on quality, not quantity. If you’re an advertiser, we sell your product with advertising we purchase, and you pay us only commission on sales. Or if you prefer to buy advertising, we introduce you to specific websites and publishers we know are honest, and have consistently delivered positive results for advertisers. If publishers don’t deliver quality advertising, we don’t work with them. We don’t ignore poor performance and continue to sell ads to the next “sucker” that comes along. But this is exactly what most ad networks do.

Because our publishers deliver results, advertisers can afford to bid higher. So the advertiser profits, and the publisher receives an optimal rate.



Contact Us

If you are have a competitive product you’d like to promote, we can help you promote it and will take the risk out of advertising for you. If you have a popular website and you’d like to run ads to optimize your revenue, we’ll find the right advertisers for you.

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