Established in 1999, Site Promotions is at the forefront of Internet marketing. Our attention to detail ensures your revenue is optimized.


We Bulk-Buy Advertising

We bulk-buy advertising to promote our own products. You’re paid up-front and we GUARANTEE to at least match your current revenue. We specialize in network buy-outs (banner & text links) and revenue optimization.

The average increase in revenue for publishers is 23%. You might be surprised how small changes dramatically affect your revenue. Regardless of of the popularity of your website, we guarantee to significantly increase your revenue.

In our experience, every publisher network (including Adsense) has a lot more cheating publishers than they admit. It severely reduces the network’s overall quality of advertising, and inevitably the bids from advertisers and your revenue. Cheating publishers and poorly managed networks are costing you money. One solution is to sell your own advertising, but it takes a lot of time and effort to sell all available advertising. Using an ad network is an easier option, but the wrong network can severely limit your revenue. We take the hassle out of it for you and bulk-buying advertising directly from you. There’s no risk to you and you can instantly change back to other networks if you don’t like the results.


We Promote Your Products with a Pay-Per-Sale Arrangement

Let us promote your product for you. You pay us only a commission on sales. We don’t expect exclusive rights. We act only as a super-affiliate.

Let’s be honest. Most ad networks don’t care if advertisers don’t profit. They just serve ads to the highest bidder and take unreasonable commissions on advertising sales. If you’ve tried especially the larger ad networks, you probably didn’t profit. It’s because most networks are full of fraudulent publishers using bots to click ads. Ad networks know about the problem, but deal with it poorly because it’s not them losing money.

Never believe an ad network that tells you they eliminate 100% of click fraud. Most networks have at least 50% bot traffic, and cheating publishers are getting smarter. The only way large ad networks can exist this way is to constantly bring in new advertisers, who mostly don’t profit. Profiting advertisers still pay for poor quality advertising.


Why We’re Better Than Google

For Publishers

  • Google is a very expensive middleman that charges around 32% commission on advertising sales. We buy directly from you at a lower price, but you can expect to earn around 20% more with us. 
  • We carefully match products to your site and optimize sales material.
  • We always earn you more. If you prefer, you could just publish guest posts for extra profit and it only adds to your existing revenue.

For Advertisers

  • Pay only for sales we refer. We buy the advertising and if campaigns are not profitable, we bare the loss.


Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What if your budget for advertising purchases?

We don’t have a specific budget. Our business model is scalable. Our largest publisher is paid $75,000 per month for banner ad buy-outs. No site is too large or small.

Q. Is there a risk we might lose money by testing your services?

Absolutely not, because first we consider what you are currently earning and agree to at least match it. We pay you up-front. After an initial test of our services, you can switch back to using another network (like Google Adsense) without any revenue interruption.

Q. What can you do for very large websites with a variety of niches?

Typically we would begin by purchasing advertising on specific pages, or by bulk purchasing guest posts. The advertising could be text-links or banners. In any case, we agree on something that works for both of us. Then we can review the situation over time.

Q. How can you possibly compete with Google Adsense?

Google is just an expensive middleman. Your profit comes from advertisers. We hand-pick advertisers and refine their sales process. Our attention to detail ensures better results for both publishers and advertisers.



Q. What do we pay you?

You pay only an agreed commission on sales that are tracked with industry-standard tracking scripts (using cookies).

Q. Do you require exclusive rights to promote our product?

No. We act as an affiliate.


Contact Us

For now we are not taking new clients. If you have been contacted by us, you are an exception.